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Fabricated in Ferndale MI


Meet the Makers

We love helping to bring people together around beautiful fire tables. They quickly begin to relax, laugh, chat and most importantly, they tend to linger longer.

After fabricating a beautiful stained glass inlay fire table for our home, my family and our friends started spending more time together. That's when I realized that fabricating fire tables was a wonderful way to help other people to improve their relationships.

Now our mission is to share that experience with you. It’s satisfying to know that our fire tables help bring people together with those closest to them. And there is no better way for an artisan to express creativity and at the same time help others to enrich their lives.

Now you can bring people together too, with your very own custom Gathering Stone Fire Table.

We wish you the very best!

-Rick Cortright

Our Process

Beautiful and yet functional art is generally derived from the materials selected by the artisan. But now you’re the designer selecting your own beautiful materials.

I'll be your Production Manager. Once you choose your aggregate, color, shape and size, I execute your plan by producing the molds necessary to hand cast your tables top and base. Using an array of hand and production tools, I set the stage for the casting process.

It's really a labor of love; as we devote 40-50 hours of serious elbow grease into fabricate your table.

We'll cast and demold your table, then we hand shape the edges to ensure you a refined finish. Then we begin to grind, hone, wet polish, dry polish and apply three separate coats of a molecular "nano" sealer. Finally we buff with carnauba wax to bring out the colors and shine!

Enjoy your beautiful new fire table!
-Neal Cortright

Our Guarantee

All of the components used in our fire tables are fabricated using the strongest and highest quality materials possible. We use only machined solid brass jetted commercial grade Warming Trends® CROSSFIRE burners because they deliver TWICE THE FLAME using HALF THE GAS.

To stand the test of time, we insist on the strength and integrity of Buddy Rhodes® Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) products. This allows us as artisans to create strong and relatively lightweight concrete.

Unlike most mass produced fire tables that often take a trip to the dump after a few years, Gathering Stone Fire Tables are intended to last a lifetime.

This attention to detail is crucial for separating Gathering Stone Fire Tables from common mass production fire tables.

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