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Fabricated in Ferndale MI

Fire Pit Tables made by Artisan Hands


One of the most important aspects of a project is the working budget - it determines the level of finish of the piece. It is never possible for me to make a custom piece at a cost that competes with a mass produced item like would be found at a big box type furniture store. What I can do, however, is try to provide my customers with the best possible value for their dollar and build pieces to the highest possible standards using the best possible materials. I can also make you exactly what you’d like to fit into your home. At the end of the day, the total cost is often considerably less that you’d find elsewhere since my pieces are designed to outlast their owners rather than being thrown away in a few years.

Once a working budget has been established I can figure out the best way to approach the piece using the best construction techniques while adhering to the established pricing. Better practices typically take longer and thus raise the overall cost. Custom work (unique, original pieces) are priced on a shop time, materials & design basis. We will provide a very well thought-out proposal of the costs associated to engineer and craft your individual piece.

Pricing is a simple equation. Shop time + Materials = Total Cost. My shop rate is $50 per hour. 


Custom built-in bookshelves designed for display of collectibles and books


A critical step in any new piece is to create 3D drawings. These allow for design tweaking - major or minor in nature - and are the best way to visualize the overall project. After making any necessary changes, a more detailed, finalized version is turned into PDF detail drawings complete with dimensions. This is provided to the client for approval and also serve as shop drawings for use during construction. 

Once the final drawings are finished and signed by the client, I source the best possible stock and get started in the workshop. 


build pictures & documentation

During construction, I work to keep client(s) informed of progress, taking pictures throughout and periodically sending them along. Part of having something unique and special built - versus buying a mass produced item - is the story that accompanies it. 

I also provide clients with a signed copy of the drawings. 

White oak case and shelves being prepared for stain and finish prior to assembly


Completed white oak bookshelves installed. Pleasant Ridge, MI


During installation I will treat your home and family with the utmost respect. The goal is to add a piece that looks as though it's been there since the house was built. 

The most important thing to me is to exceed expectations and to have happy clients!